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Centenary Bank Rolls Out Streamlined Digital Insurance for Customers
Centenary Bank Admin
01 March 2024

Centenary Bank has launched digital insurance products and services through its mobile App, CenteMobileMw. The App is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play store, and soon to be on the Apple store According to the Bank, the new insurance offering includes motor vehicle insurance and funeral expense plans that customers can access and manage through the App.

Speaking on the development, the Bank’s Principal Bancassurance Officer, James Msiska, said “through our mobile banking App, customers can compare and select policies tailored to their needs in real-time. As an example, on motor insurance, one can compare premium quotations from five of our partner insurers and select the one that better suits their budget.

The cover can either be under comprehensive or third-party coverage on private or commercial vehicles, after which they can conveniently pay using the same platform .Furthermore, they can pick up their physical insurance discs any Centenary Bank branch that is convenient to them”.

Msiska added that “for funeral insurance, besides one registering for him or herself, customers can further select the number of family members to cover and the desired payout amount. For example, with a premium of K200, one would benefit a payout of K200,000, and a premium of K1,000 for the maximum coverage of K1,000,000”.

The bank highlighted that by providing digital access to insurance products, it aims to improve customer experience and meet the evolving needs of clients through their mobile platform. The streamlined process allows customers to efficiently evaluate and purchase policies completely through the CenteMobileMw app. Msiska said “additionally, delivering insurance policies electronically is part of the Bank's effort to reduce paper usage and make a positive environmental impact”.

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