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Centenary Bank Donates K5,000,000 to Help Pregnant Women Affected by Cyclone Freddy Floods
Centenary Bank Admin
21 March 2023

Centenary Bank Limited has donated K5,000,000 to the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Malawi (AOGM) to help pregnant women who have lost their homes and medical records due to the cyclone Freddy floods. The handover of the donation was done by the bank's Head of Retail and SME Banking, Mayamiko Kalizang'oma and was received by the Head of Department for AOGM, Dr. Luis Gadama.

According to Kalizang'oma, the bank decided to focus on pregnant women as they are often overlooked when it comes to relief efforts. He stated that "actual life starts at pregnancy and we would not want the unborn babies to not receive the necessary attention". The bank believes that the K5,000,000 donation will go a long way in providing urgent attention to this group and also “believes this is in line with the bank’s mission of making people’s lives better through social impact”.

Kalizang’oma said “As Centenary Bank Limited, we understand that many of these women have lost everything and have no basic items to prepare for the birth of their children. Therefore, we have decided to donate MWK5,000,000 to the Association of obstetricians and gynecologists of Malawi to assist with this noble cause. We believe the funds will go a long way with providing them with birth preparedness packages that include essential items such as zitenje, basins, torches, baby clothing and other necessary needs”.

In response, Dr. Gadama expressed his gratitude for the donation and stated that the focus on pregnant women was much needed. He commended Centenary Bank for their shifted focus onto pregnancy, stating that "pregnancy does not stop" and that pregnant mothers deserve to be well taken care of. He also mentioned that AOGM had provided antenatal care services to 165 pregnant women over the past week, and that the donation from Centenary Bank Limited will go a long way in enhancing their services to expectant mothers hit by cyclone Freddy.

Dr. Gadama also stated that the coming together of Centenary Bank Limited CSR and AOGM's technical expertise will serve the cyclone Freddy victims well. He considers it the coming together of two synergies where financial resources and technical expertise are combined to serve those affected by the cyclone.

The focus on pregnant women is much needed, and the donation will help in providing urgent attention and care to this group. It is hoped that more organizations will follow Centenary Bank's lead in focusing on often overlooked segments of the population when providing relief efforts. On March 10, the Centenary Rural Development Group and the Lilongwe Archdiocese of the Catholic Church announced the completion of their acquisition of MyBucks Banking Corporation in Malawi and the bank’s name has since been changed to Centenary Bank Limited.

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