Warehouse Receipt Financing Facility

This is a loan facility offered to customers who sell crops through AHL Commodity Exchange (AHCX) to give them freedom in times of lean cash flow. Who can apply? - It targets medium-sized farmers and commodity traders who are members of AHCX and have deposited crops with AHCX.

Terms & conditions of loan

  • Mandatory credit life insurance.
  • Maximum tenor is 3 months

How to apply

  • Submit a receipt authenticated by AHCX
  • Submit a letter of undertaking from AHCX to remit sale proceeds to the bank
  • Open an account with Centenary Bank Ltd and deposit your crop commodities with AHCX
Enter Amount you would like to borrow for the Warehouse Receipt Financing Facility
MK 50k
MK 100MM
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Warehouse Receipt Financing Facility
Cost/Monthly Payment
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