Corporate Vehicle Asset Financing

The aim of Vehicle Asset Financing is to enable you to obtain use of an asset while repaying the amount borrowed over an agreed period of time. VAF facilities are beneficial for acquiring trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, pool cars, or other assets such as agricultural machinery, construction yellow metals, manufacturing equipment, etc., intended for growing your business.

Terms & conditions of loan

  • Ownership of the asset usually vests in the bank until the borrower repays the amount in full, and once fully repaid, the ownership is transferred to the borrower
  • Frees off cash flows to be used for other operational expenses
  • Affordability in acquiring capital intensive assets
  • No security needed. Asset financed becomes the security
  • Flexible Repayment period of 12-60 months

How to apply

  • Projected cash flows.
  • Submit audited financial statements.
  • Debtors age analysis.
  • Latest management accounts from the business.
  • A negotiable deposit
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Corporate Vehicle Asset Financing
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