Bancassurance/Funeral Insurance

Funeral Insurance

Centenary Bank Limited Funeral Plan is an insurance policy that provides for a cash benefit to be paid in settlement of a death claim of a principal Member, his/her spouse, eligible children and parents-in-law, where applicable.

Funeral Insurance

Benefits of Funeral Insurance

Centenary Bank's Bancassurance products offer a myriad of benefits designed to meet our customers' diverse financial and protection needs. With our Bancassurance solutions, customers can access a wide range of insurance products, all under one roof, providing unparalleled convenience and saving time. Moreover, Centenary Bank's long-standing reputation for financial stability and our commitment to excellent customer service ensure that our clients receive timely and efficient claims settlement. Through our comprehensive and customer-centric Bancassurance products, Centenary Bank strives to provide a more secure and financially protected future for our valued customers.

Comfort during Bereavement

Removes the burden of financial strain in the event of death or losing a loved one,

Lower Premiums

Has lower premiums as opposed to traditional funeral policies.

Dignify your Loved Ones

Families lay their loved ones to rest in a dignified and unimpeded manner.

Funeral Insurance

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