Bancassurance/Bwenzi Life insurance

Bwenzi Life insurance

Life needs a friend. As a loan borrower, you are exposed to the risks of Death, Disability, and Loss of employment due to retrenchment. Bwenzi Life Insurance policy is an important friend that helps protect your loans from such risks. Centenary Bank Limited covers a credit life assurance cover under its Bancassurance products to cover your loan against eventualities.

Bwenzi Life insurance

Benefits of Bwenzi Life insurance

Centenary Bank's Bancassurance products offer a myriad of benefits designed to meet our customers' diverse financial and protection needs. With our Bancassurance solutions, customers can access a wide range of insurance products, all under one roof, providing unparalleled convenience and saving time. Moreover, Centenary Bank's long-standing reputation for financial stability and our commitment to excellent customer service ensure that our clients receive timely and efficient claims settlement. Through our comprehensive and customer-centric Bancassurance products, Centenary Bank strives to provide a more secure and financially protected future for our valued customers.

Payabe in event of Pre-mature Death

This is payable in the event of the pre-mature death of the insured, the benefit amount is equal to the outstanding debt amount at date of death, less any arrears due to the bank.

Multiple Disability Benefits

Two types of disability benefits covered are Total and Permanent Disability which is paid on total and permanent disablement of a borrower Total and Temporary Disability is paid on Total and Temporary Disablement of a borrower.

Supplementary Benefit

This is another supplementary benefit offered alongside the core death benefit and is paid on involuntary retrenchment of a borrower. The benefit covers monthly loan repayment installments for a maximum of 12 months.

Bwenzi Life insurance

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