Fixed Deposit Account

These accounts allow businesses to save, giving them the opportunity to build up on their savings with time according to their earnings.

Account Features

  • Negotiate for a competitive interest rate when you keep your money for more than 6 months.
  • Initial account opening deposit is K20,000.
  • Earn interest of 3.50% when you keep your money for 1 Month
  • Earn an interest of 4.00% when you keep your money for 2 months.
  • Earn an interest of 5.00% when you keep your money for 3 months
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    50% Borrowing

    Customer can borrow 50% of their funds placed on their account at the banks rate for a maximum period of 12months

    Duration-based Interest

    Attractive interest rates assured and determined by duration of the deposit

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How to apply

  • Proof of income – (Latest Financial Statements or Bank Statements from another bank not older than 3 months)
  • National Identity card.
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Banking. But less hussle

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I commend Centenary Bank for their exceptional customer service and expert guidance throughout my Fixed Deposit Account journey. Their knowledgeable staff provided valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring I made informed decisions and maximized the benefits of my investment.

Grace Munda
Grace Munda
Unlocking Financial Growth with Centenary Bank's Fixed Deposit Accounts

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