Corporate Current Account

At the heart of Centenary Bank Ltd.'s’ banking service is a prestigious current account – a complete solution to linking to other products and services. A cheque account provides a safe and convenient cashless mechanism for the payment of goods and other services. A Centenary Bank Ltd current account makes it so much easier and convenient to take care of all your day-to-day banking needs.

Account Features

  • Access to Asset Based Financing
  • Term periods of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days · 1 Month 3.50% · 2 Months 4.00% · 3 Months 5.00% · 6 Months Negotiable · 9 Months Negotiable · 12 Months Negotiable
  • Access to credit facilities like overdrafts, asset-based financing, warehouse receipt financing, etc
  • Transacting 24/7/365 electronically through Flex Online banking platform
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    Payment Solution

    A complete payment solution - arrange debit and stop orders against your current account to take care of regular monthly payments.

    Cheque Facility

    Customer can issue cheques anytime when funds are available in their account therefore making it convenient for them to make payments.

    Access to Credit Facilities

    Access to credit facilities on application and pre-approvals like overdrafts, to help meet your financial needs.

    24/7 Web and Mobile Access

    Customers have the freedom to access their accounts 24/7 using via Web or Mobile App. With our Flex Online solution, customers can do a funds transfer within Centenary Bank Limited, check their account balance, print their account statements, make bulk payments, and also book fixed deposits.

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How to apply

  • Proof of income – (Latest Financial Statements or Bank Statements from another bank not older than 3 months)
  • Proof of authority to Act for Signatories (Board Resolution, Minutes or Power of Attorney)
  • Proof of Residence or address (Utility Bill not older than 3 months or valid lease or rental agreement)
  • Business Registration Certificate (For Sole Proprietorship)
  • Memorandum & articles of association (For Limited Liability Companies)
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Banking. But less hussle

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Centenary Bank's unwavering support and deep understanding of our business needs have propelled us to achieve ambitious goals and vision. Kamoto Investments commends the bank for their invaluable partnership in our journey towards success. With their steadfast support, we have accomplished remarkable milestones, grateful for their unwavering commitment.

Kamoto Investments
Kamoto Investments
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